Lost Lake

Lost Lake is a fisherman and water lovers paradise.  The lake occupies 541 acres and is one of the best fishing lakes around for Musky, Northern, Walleye and Bass.  Use our fishing boat or launch your own boat at the public launch and explore all the lake has to offer.

If swimming is your pleasure enjoy a sandy shoreline with a gradually sloping lake bed that will please both children and adults! Keep your eyes open for nature as you relax on the dock or in a boat.  You’ll see loons, otters, osprey and even bald eagles as you take in the scenery.

How did Lost Lake get it's Name?

The name of this lake always causes speculation. One version of the naming involves two Indians that were confused as the their whereabouts while hunting in the area. Folklore credtits the Indians who were directed to their campsite by lumber surveyors with the following quote: "Indian not lost. Lake Lost." From this the surveyors named the lake where they encountered the Indians' "Lost Lake."

Lost Lake Maps

Lost Lake Fishing Advice

Fish Lost Lake for walleye, musky, bass and pan fish.  If you are looking to hook a big one book a day or half day with a fishing guide recommended below.  Rates, fish species and lakes guided vary from guide to guide so be sure to have a good conversation with the guide about your expectations of the trip.

Some individuals scoff at the idea of hiring a guide or are intimidated by their own lack of fishing knowledge.  Don’t ever think you are too good to learn a thing or too as each individual lake has their own characteristics and hiring a good guide can often make the difference between a mediocre day and an excellent day on the water.  For the less experience individual, a fishing guide will put you on the fish but also teach you how to fish the lakes allowing you to use that knowledge yourself on your next trip out fishing.  The learning you will do is especially invaluable to less experienced anglers and a good guide will be a good and patient teacher. 

Bait Shops:





Rays Landing Bait Shop    


Hwy 155, St. Germain


Guides Choice Pro Shop  


Wall St, Eagle River


Up North Traders    


325 Main St, Sayner


Local Guides:



Species Specialization


Rob Manthei  


Walleye, Musky


Greg Bohn  




John Andrews 715-686-2012 Walleye, Bass, Crappie, Perch http://www.theanglerschoiceguideservice.com/

Patricia Strutz  


Musky, **Great for Beginners and Women


Ken Jackson       




Lost Lake Fishing Tips:

May to Early June will yield an excellent crappie and bluegill bite and even some perch right off the dock.  A slip bobber and very small jig tipped with a crappie minnow or a crappie plastic bait like a mini-mite will do you well.  The crappie liked to be teased so cast that bait out and do either a slow retrieve or pop and retrieve will get there attention.  Other hot spots in the spring are going to be generally shallow spots where there is new weed growth and current from inlets.  Look on the map of Lost Lake to locate those kinds of spots.  Walleye will be shallow during this period relating to weed clumps and edges.  Large fatheads and chubs will be key to catching those Eyes during this time period!  Musky will get into a feeding pattern earlier on this lake then some of the other larger deeper lakes as Lost Lake warms up a bit faster.  That means as soon as the opener for Musky hits the Musky will be active and looking to feed making it an early season target for Musky hunters. 

Mid June to Mid August the fish will be moving deeper and be more active during the early morning and at dusk.  Bluegills remain very active right off the dock and all you need is a bobber, hook and a chunk of night crawler.  The kids will love putting their hooks in right off the pier and watching the bluegills attack their night crawlers.  You might just find the best pan fishing right off the dock!  Bass and Northern are going to be found in the weeds casting crank baits and spinner baits or floating a large fat head under a slip bobber.  Walleye as always are a more challenging catch and you have to put your time in to catch them.  Slip bobbering with crawlers and large leaches are a favorite tactic. If you are catching panfish then you need to move farther out and fish the weed edge until that panfish bite virtually disappears. Lost Lake has an abundent panfish and sometimes can be the biggest obstacle to catching a walleye here.  The rock bar marked with buoys is a good bet either at dawn or dusk.  Other sharp drop-offs including the shoreline by the boat launch and various points are good locations as well.

Mid August to October
Continue to look for green weeds in this period and you will find the fish.  Pan fish remain active and easy to catch on crawlers.  Bass and Northerns will be hiding in the weeds that are still green.  Walleye are going to be starting to go deeper and switching back to large fatheads and chubs will be the ticket to catching them at this time of the year.  The musky fishing will definitely heat up during this time period and Lost Lake is a favorite lake for the fall musky fisherman with Lost Lake coming in 3rd place during the 2007 St. Germain Musky Tournament and coming in 1st place during the 2008 and 2009 St. Germain Musky Tournament. 

Lost Lake Newsletters

Comprised by the Lost Lake Community Club the Lost Lake Reel Bites is distributed to all members of the Lost Lake Community Club. If you have previous editions or unposted editions of the newsletter please contact us such that we may post them.

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